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Bibliothek für Wissenschaftsgeschichte

A research library for all.

Bibliothek für Wissenschaftsgeschichte (BWG) is a virtual research library for history of science and knowledge. Browse our collection online, or download the library to your computer via Zotero.

Please look forward to our new website !

Explore our Collection

Founded in July 2020, BWG currently holds a collection of more than 24,000 items, with a focus on (but not limited to) early modern science and knowledge. The library is organised under a thematic classification system, highlighting scholarship in ways of knowing and practicing. 

Updates of the collection are regularly posted in the form of annotated bibliographies. Explore each floor to learn more.


Research Data Management for Humanities

Data is not only numbers and charts — it is what we read and write everyday, even if only on paper. A public library based on personal collection and data architecture, BWG promotes good research data management practice for individual researchers in humanities.

We share ideas, tools and resources for scholars who want to further develop their skills and reflect on their practices of data management.

A University without Professors

BWG is a university without professors. A research library is an advisor, arguably the best advisor. If this is your first time here, just come in and find your own way.

Use the Library

Use Zotero to make the most of this library.

Know the Area

What is history of science and knowledge, and how can we study this area.

Develop Skills

Train yourself with toolkit provided on the Ground Floor.

“Ich muss hier den Grundstock zu meiner Bibliothek und Photographien legen, und beides kostet viel Geld und repräsentiert bleibenden Werth. … Mich hat jetzt eine solche Arbeits­lust gepackt, dass ich mich selbst manchmal über die Schnelligkeit, mit der sich manches anfangs Unklare in mir, wenigstens zur Fasslichkeit entwickelt, erstaunt.”

Letter from Aby Warburg to Charlotte Warburg, 7 and 27 January, 1889.

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